Train Track
Ever wondered if the MTA subway line you depend on is delayed? Now you can just ask your Google Assistant "Is the L train delayed" Train Track will respond with a clear "currently delayed" or "currently not delayed" using the MTA's Real Time service.
Toronto Transit
Toronto transit assistant app help you to find TTC realtime bus time predictions. You can save a stop as favorite from a address or using your current location. You can also find if there is any alerts on Subway Line Here are the some of the features that you can use : Save stop from address : You can find nearby stops from a address, and save any stops as your favorite. Get stops near me : With your permission, I can located all bus stops near you. You can choose any stop to get its time, and if you like you can save it too. Stop 9528 : I can also get you next bus time you bus stops number, just say "stop 9532" or "9532" Next bus from <favorite-name> : If you have stop saved as favorites, I can get you next bus time where ever you are and whenever you want" This app has many other features, check the to know more about me
BayTrains can tell you about the train schedules for both the Caltrain and the BART.
Indian Train Status
Mohan Noone
You can easily check PNR status of Indian Railway tickets with this app.
Swiss Transit
SwissTransit queries the up-to-date public transit status for trains, buses, trams, and more on the SBB network. You can ask, "What trains are departing from Zurich HB?" "When is the next tram from Central to Zoo?" "What departs in five minutes from Hegibachplatz?"
Tube Map
Get live information about the London Underground with Tubemap's line status assistant app. Find out about delays and disruptions that may affect your journey with updates on the Tube, Overground, TfL Rail and DLR. Tubemap's assistant app is the quickest way to find out if there are severe delays on the Circle line or a partial closure on the Piccadilly line. If there is a good service across the whole Tube network the app will also reassure you that everything is running smoothly. Before you plan your next journey on the London Underground find out if there are any delays, closures or service changes that will affect your trip. Line status data provided by Transport for London.
Traffic Genie
Traffic Genie lets you know traffic of Viphavadee road
Melbourne Train Info
Mike Huynh
Melbourne Train Info tell you about train schedules for both Melbourne Metro Trains & Vline Victoria. Similarly to the physical green button at the train station, you now have access to Melbourne Train timetables without typing, search or lookup. All you need is ask Google. You simply say: "Ok Google, Talk to Melbourne Train Info" and it will tell you instantly the next train schedules for any station in Melbourne Victoria, Australia Why you should use Melbourne Train 1. The most advanced and most intelligent AI with the ability to voice recognition all metro trains and Vline stations across Victoria - Total of 328 Stations 2. Simple to use 3. Advanced Interactive, Fast and Accurate (Access directly to live Public Transport Victoria (PTV) timetable data)