Places Nearby
Google Inc.
Ask your Assistant about local businesses, museums, parks, and more.s nearby.
Gas Stations Finder
Google Inc.
Ask your Assistant about gas stations services nearby
Agent of the day
The Sluice Gate
Our crack staff will check out the latest agents available on google home and recommend a new agent each day. Why would you want to search your phone when you can just ask agent of the day?
Revolution Digital
Revolution Digital
Revolution Digital is a marketing and Social Media Agency located in New Jersey. Our assistant can help you find general information about our company.
Line Status
Android Alliance
Get live information about the London Underground with the Line Status assistant app. Find out about delays and disruptions that may affect your journey. The Line Status assistant app is the quickest way to find out if there are delays on the Central line or partial closure on the District line. If there is a good service across the whole Underground network the app will also reassure you that everything is running smoothly. Before you plan your next journey on the Underground find out if there are any delays, closures or service changes that will affect your trip. Line Status is powered by Tfl Open Data. This action is not created by, affiliated with, endorsed by or supported by Transport for London.
Hipo Smart
This is a smart butler and housekeeper service for hotels currently available at LDC Hotel group only. Hotel customers can enjoy cutting-edge technologies to make hotel stay more convenient. Hotel staff will find HipoSmart service to be helpful with daily operations. Please visit for more information.
Sell 4 Shore
This app helps connects you with a South Jersey Real Estate agent and assists you in buying or selling properties.
Left Field Labs
Left Field Labs
Say hello to Left Field Labs! Learn about recent projects, job openings, contact information and more.
Little Vietnam Tours
Explore travel to Vietnam and Southeast Asia, get answers to your travel questions. You can request a custom itinerary for a private tour, with your own private guide, specific to what you want to experience and your style of travel! Just by asking.
Get answers to common legal questions, as well as questions about LegalShield and much more! With LegalShield Virtual Assistant, help is just one voice command away!
GEICO Insurance
Discover a new way to interact with your GEICO policy. Use the power of voice to check your account balance and ask about terms such as renters insurance. To get started, link the action with your GEICO account. As an extra layer of security, you can set up a 4-digit PIN that you must enter before interacting with the action. Simply say, "OK Google, talk to GEICO." Once you've opened the action, try out these voice commands: - Ask "What’s my balance?" to check your account balance. - Ask "What is renters insurance?" or "What is homeowners insurance?" to get insurance definitions. To get more information or updates on the GEICO action, please visit
Graphically Speaking
Mega Build Lab Ltd.
Graphically Speaking specializes in cost-effective web solutions for B2C and B2B companies. Our best-of-breed content management solutions (CMS) include, WordPress, Drupal and Microsoft SharePoint. We are proven ecommerce experts in Magento, WooCommerce, Drupal Commerce and Shopify online shopping systems.
Plumber Direcory
Plumber Directory will provide you with the name and phone number of a local plumber for a given UK town. Simply say, "Ask Plumber Directory for a plumber in Oxford". It will then tell you the plumber's business name and UK based business phone number.
The Energy Conference
Wether you are interested in attending or plan on attending, you can ask our virtual assistant the questions you need answered about the event and the topics covered.
Bugle Notes
Bugle Notes, also known as the "plebe bible," is the manual of plebe knowledge. Plebe knowledge is a lengthy collection of traditions, songs, poems, anecdotes, and facts about the United State Military Academy, the army, the Old Corps, and the rivalry with Navy that all plebes must memorize during cadet basic training. During plebe year, plebes may be asked, and are expected to answer, any inquiry about plebe knowledge asked by upper class cadets. New Cadet Alexa has arrived on the scene...let's test her plebe knowledge.
Belgian Social Security Office
Belgian Social Security Office lets you submit a Dimona declaration.
DreamCatcher IoT Technology LLC
With the DreamCatcher action, you are able to control your alarm system and camera using your voice. With the action you can: "Ask DreamCatcher to arm away" "Ask DreamCatcher to arm stay" "Ask DreamCatcher to disarm with PIN ****" "Ask DreamCatcher to record video" "Ask DreamCatcher to turn on Privacy Mode with PIN ****" "Ask DreamCatcher to turn off Privacy Mode with PIN ****" and more to come... DreamCatcher, a research and development arm of Chuango Security Technology Corporation, is specialized in cloud platform development and management, video monitoring and smart home ecosystem building. It offers end-to-end smart home and IoT solutions through customizable platform-as-a-service models, so that our clients can in turn cost-effectively and effortlessly deliver, connect and manage our end customers' smart home and security devices.
MS Labs
This agent is about Mindstix Software Labs. It will give information about that organization.The information as organization and leadership information.
Project Cat
Discovery Communications, Inc.
Discovery Communications is working with World Wildlife Fund and others to support a worldwide effort to double the number of tigers in the wild by 2022. By conserving nearly a million acres of protected land on the border of India and Bhutan, this collaboration aims to ensure a healthy habitat for future generations of tigers. Learn more about Project C.A.T. and ways to interact with this Skill at
Insurance Helper
starbutter AI
DESCRIPTION Ira is your Life Insurance Helper. He’s a AI virtual assistant that helps you find the best life insurance policies, quickly. Ira helps tells you which policies you should consider and which to stay away from. He helps you get the most coverage for the best price when you need life insurance to protect your family. Ira let’s you compare policies and answers all the complicated questions. Ira looks at whether the policies have done right by their clients, looks at what they have to offer, reads the fine print and terms of service and analyzes reports by Consumer Reports and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. People love Ira because he helps them figure out which term life insurance policy to get quickly and avoid traps, bad companies, and fees. EXAMPLES Ways you can talk to Insurance Helper: "OK Google, talk to Insurance Helper" "Hey Google, ask Insurance Helper what’s the best term life insurance policy right now?" "OK Google, ask Insurance Helper which life insurance company has the most satisfied customers?" TECHNOLOGY Introducing Ira - an interactive, conversational agent. Unlike dumb bots based on rules, Ira has an sophisticated natural language processing and machine learning core. He learns and gets better over time, helping you navigate the difficult choice of term life insurance coverage. COMPANY Insurance Helper is built by starbutter AI, the world's expert on interactive conversational agents for credit cards, banks, mortgages, insurance, and personal finance.
Which trashcan does this go in? RecycleIt answers this question with its massive repository of recyclables. You can also learn more about recycling by asking for facts.
CareGeneral LLC
CareGeneral, a task management and support service specifically designed for home-based care delivery, improves the quality and consistency of family caregiving, reducing caregiver error and stress, while increasing the productivity and well-being of working caregivers.
Sun Devil Help
With this action you can query Kent Denver School's information base and API. You can ask when the next letter day is or when the next period (1-7) is.
Are you a business looking for talent at top tech consulting and services firms? Learn how our chatbot Pat can show you all available talent at top tech services firms. Are you a top tech consulting and services firm looking to showcase your team and get new client leads? Learn about the WhatBench here.
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
DEWA customers can interact with DEWA Skill – AI personal assistant - to enquire about any topics related to DEWA such as: bill enquiry, conservation tips for electricity and water consumptions, details of DEWA happiness centers, payment channels, and much more..
Flipper Energy
Flipper Ltd.
Throughout the year, Flipper saves you money by seamlessly switching you onto the best energy deals. We take care of the entire switching process for you — from submitting your switch application and meter readings, to confirming when your new supply goes live. In short, you save money while we do the hard work.
Hydra CG
Hydra W3C Community Group
This bot allows you to get information about the Hydra W3C Community Group. In this first version the only information you can get is the number of participants of the group.
ACT Advisory
A conversational presentation of the ACT voice computing advisory. You can questions like what is voice computing, what is the impact of voice computing on the insurance industry.
Asentech Company
Asentech LLC
The Asentech App is a voice based application designed to provide insight about Asentech industry vertical focus and core Business values. Asentech App also helps to establish a open communication channel with its users.The app functions via voice based input which are provided by the user. This app is designed to be very user friendly and functionality that are applied to this app very simple and flexible. So please go ahead and explore our universe of achievement and opportunities
Seattle pools
seattle pools finds out for you when you can do your favorite swimming activity, such as lap swimming, family swim time, aqua jog, etc. Just ask for the pool name and the swim activity and we'll tell you what the available times are
El paso Services
Kahuna Systems
Elpaso Services informs the user about the status of Service request by asking the Service Request Number from user.
Parking Finder
Google Inc.
Ask your Assistant about parking spots nearby
Bin Collection Expert
Bin collection expert can tell you what type of bin is being collected next.