Fun Tricks
Google Inc.
Lighten up your day with jokes and other fun tricks. Check them out, there's always something new to try.
Emoji Riddle
Google Inc.
Solve puzzles based on weird combinations of emojis.
Emoji Movie
Google Inc.
Look at combinations of emojis and then guess what movie they represent in this tricky chat game.
Sound Pet
Google Inc.
Adopt an imaginary animal to keep you company with this fun, family-friendly feature. Care for your creature, play games with him or her, and spend lots of time laughing with your virtual friend by your side.
Crystal Ball
Google Inc.
Your Google Assistant offers mystical, random responses to your yes or no questions.
Google Inc.
Deal yourself in for this popular one-person card game.
What's Your Inner Animal
Google Inc.
Discover your inner animal with this fun personality quiz. Are you a polar bear, an otter, or another cool creature? Answer a simple set of questions, and howl with delight when you find out.
What's my Quidditch position
Quinmark Studios
Find out what position you should play in Quidditch! While based on the Harry Potter series, this app is just for fun and is in no way associated with Warner Bros or JK Rowling
Magic 8 Ball
The Sluice Gate
Can't decide what to do? Losing sleep over a difficult decision? Tired of pros and cons lists or logical reasoning? Put your worries aside and ask Magic 8 Ball what to do.
Classic Class
Nimesh Solanki
Classic Class is a quiz app of object-oriented concepts.
Google Inc.
Evade ghosts and eat dots in this Doodle twist on an arcade classic.
Cars Adventure
The sun’s gone down in Radiator Springs and Lightning McQueen needs your help! He and Cruz Ramirez are celebrating their recent win at the Florida 500 with the rest of their friends in Radiator Springs, and you get to choose how they celebrate! Do you want to play a game of “Drive-and-Seek”? You and Mater will help McQueen search throughout the town for the rest of his friends, deciding where he looks and listening closely to detect if anyone’s hiding. Or you and Mater can help McQueen race against Cruz Ramirez through Carburetor County and make all of his turn-by-turn decisions. Either way you play, the fun never stops with Lightning McQueen and Google Home. Ka-chow!
Lizard Spock
Menocal Apps
Do you accept the challenge of playing with Google? Google is the best player in the Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock game, do you really think you could win? Dare to challenge Google and we will see who is the best in this game invented by Sam Kass and Karen Bryla.
Football World
Ajay Venugopal
Are you a Football fan? Let's Begin!
I'm a Detective
Khaled Naleem
I'm a Detective brings out the detective skills in you. This bot contains fun and mystery questions. Try it out and Leave your rating. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me through Gmail.
Voice Tic Tac Toe
Voice Tic Tac Toe allows you to play Tic Tac Toe with your voice. You can select a location by saying things like "top", "middle", "up left", or "left up". It has multiple levels easy, medium, and impossible. You can select the level by saying "change level to impossible".
Splat Tim
Splat Tim is a fan app for Splatoon2. Ask Splat Tim about the current stages, Salmon Run, Merchandise and Splatfest! Learn more about available commands at
Mind Freak
Jay Mistry
This apps is used for freaking your mind to test out how knowledgeable you are here. Its a simple and out of box thinking or you can say it been used by us in daily basis and you never know about it. So try out some mind freak question which are around you and you never came to know about it.
Snapple Fact
Ask Google for Snapple Facts to learn new and interesting facts. When you ask Google to read you a Snapple Fact you'll hear something like: "Snapple Real Fact #378: It costs the U.S. government 2.5 cents to produce a quarter."
Geek Speak
Dhrumil Dhanesha Technologies
You Can Use This app to test your self and figure out. How Good You Are At The Topic "Technology". You Can Even play these game To Pass out your Time and Learn New Thing.
Pokedex evolution
Pokemon Master
Pokedex evolution gives short discription about first generation pokemons. New Update is that every pokemon evolution is giving as a suggestion.
Love Match
Cleo Whittingham
Wondering who your perfect love match is? Want to find out what you need and which character type matches you? Love Match is a fun quiz that will help you discover what to look for in a life long partner.
Magic ball
Digital version of the famous fortune telling Magic 8 ball
Magical Sorting Hat
Legolas Inc.
The app is a personality quiz to know which magical house out of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin would you be sorted into if you went to Hogwarts & used the Sorting Hat.
Guess my age
Lance Solutions
Simple game where we can guess your age with just a few questions. It's a very simple mathematical trick.
Harry Potter Spell Quiz
Anode Labs
Harry Potter Spell Quiz is an ultimate resource for testing your knowledge on Harry Potter spells. Note: This app is not suitable for muggles.
Dr Marvel
Hi, I am Dr Marvel, I will help you to know which Marvel character best suits your personality.
Unofficial Pokedex
Mithun Manivannan
Dexter knows a lot about pokemon and is getting smarter all the time! Try asking it about a specific pokemon, its type, its evolutions, or some of its moves! Say "help" for a full list, instructions that it understands along with the source code can be found here:
Silly Sentence Generator
Romin Irani
Silly Sentence Generator is a fun little action that combines a couple of words, adjectives and a verb that you provide to generate a silly sentence.
Game Of Shows
Dipesh Rawat
Game Of Shows is a fun trivia quiz to test your knowledge on a wide variety of popular TV shows like Game Of Thrones, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, How I Met Your Mother, Sherlock, Stranger Things, Breaking Bad and many more. Try yourself and claim your rightful place as the winner of Game Of Shows.
Counting Sheep
Counting sheep is an app that count a list of sheep doing many different silly activity. It will tell a story and count from one to fifty sheep. Hopefully people can get to sleep.
electro trivia
kousalya prasad
this app is a electronics will ask basic electronics questions.each game consists of 5 questions.
Boyfriend helper
Martin Stenner
sometimes you might find yourself in a pickle - Is it time to show your partner a lot of appreciation, or would a smaller gesture do better? Look no further, Boyfriend helper will help you identify the perfect amount of appreciation needed in your specific situation. [WIP]
Party Card Game
Eray Mitrani
All you need is a deck of cards to play this drinking game. Deal the entire deck evenly to all players. Then wait for everyone to sort their hands and sit down. Now you are ready to launch the game and follow assistant's instructions. Feel free to say help any time for instructions.
Pokemon quiz
This application lets you test your knowledge on Pokémons by asking simple questions and there are hints to help you. Have fun!
Pokemon Flash Cards
Pokemon Flash Cards is a fun flash card game that tests your knowledge of Pokemon evolutions.
Test My Personality
Nikhil Nayak
Test My Personality is a personality quiz lets you test your personality based on a number of questions and then provides an outcome personality based on your inputs.
Chemistry Tutor
Chemistry Tutor helps you prepare for Higher Chemistry. This app will quiz you in 4 multiple choice questions from the higher chemistry course.
Math Alert
This is a simple Flash Card Game/Challenge for those who like to keep things sharp up there. Just Invoke Math Alert and try to solve simple math operations as fast as you can.