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Manage tasks
What's next on my calendar?
I found this in your Google Calendar for today
Coffee with Samantha Oct 21 · 11:30 AM Cody's Coffeehouse

Manage tasks

Send an email, set reminders, manage your calendar, all without switching screens.

Get Answers
What time is it in Tokyo right now?
Here you go
7:49 AM Wed, Nov 1, GTM +9:00 Time in Tokyo, Japan

Get answers

Ask questions and get answers to things you want to know. Just type, talk, or circle with your Pen.

Enjoy Entertainment
Play study music on Spotify
Sure. Here's a Spotify playlist called Intense Studying: Piano Concertos Edition

Enjoy Entertainment

Play your favourite music, movies and shows, all with your voice.

Control your home
Turn the temperature to 22 degrees
Ok, raising temperature to 22 degrees
Dim the living room lights
Sure, dimming the lights

Control your home

Use your voice to control smart home devices. Turn up the thermostat, dim the lights, and more.

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