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Starbutter AI3.9
DESCRIPTION Caz helps you find the best credit cards for cash back, rewards, travel, and building credit. He finds the best cards on the market. Caz looks at card features, analyzes millions of customer reviews and complaints, reads the fine print and terms of service, and looks up Consumer Reports and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau data sets. People love Caz because he helps them figure out which credit card to get quickly and how to avoid traps, bad companies, and fees. Caz is a credit card geek and prefers credit cards that give you the biggest bang for your buck and don’t ding you in the long run. EXAMPLES Ways you can talk to Credit Card Helper: "OK Google, talk to Credit Card Helper" "Hey Google, ask Credit Card Helper what’s the best cash back card?" "OK Google, ask Credit Card Helper what’s the best card to get points toward flights?" TECHNOLOGY Introducing Caz - an interactive, conversational agent. Unlike dumb bots based on rules, Caz has an sophisticated natural language processing and machine learning core. He learns and gets better over time, helping you navigate the difficult choice of credit cards. COMPANY Credit Card Helper is built by Starbutter AI, the world's expert on interactive conversational agents for credit cards, banks, mortgages, insurance, and personal finance.
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"Ask credit card helper what the best credit card is"
"Ask credit card helper what the risks of credit cards are"
"Ask credit card helper what to do if my card is stolen"
"Ask credit card helper what type of credit card i should get"
"Talk to credit card helper"


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