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Able Style3.2
Able, your personal stylist helps you dress better every day by giving you great styling suggestions based on your own closet and your local weather forecast. While you're chatting with Able, the outfits he describes will be live-synced to your account on the Able Style website ( so that you can always see the suggestions as you hear them. You can customize Able's suggestions: for example, by asking for something smarter. He's learning all the time so his capabilities will keep increasing. You can find a full list of commands for Able in the F.A.Q: Able's advice is menswear only right now but womenswear is coming soon. (Sign up to be notified at: So that Able can provide you with personalized outfit suggestions and the live syncing of outfits on the website, you will need to link your Google Assistant account. None of your Google account details are passed to Able during this process. For help, feedback and suggestions please get in touch at
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Ask Your Assistant

"Ask Able Style for a casual outfit"
"Ask Able Style for an outfit for a meeting"
"Ask Able Style how can I wear my red sweater?"
"Ask Able Style what shall I wear today?"
"Talk to Able Style"


Android 6.0+ TVs
Google Home
Android 6.0+ phones
iOS 10.0+ devices