The Green Bird
Peck, Inc.4.0
The Green Bird is the voice companion for the Peck platform - The Green Bird can help you get answers to important questions from special bots called Peckables. Peckables are the workhorses of the Peck platform, with each Peckable responsible for answering a specific question. For example, there are Peckables to answer the question "What is happening at Wimbledon?" and "What is the latest on the California Drought?" You can access Peckables using the Peck app or on the web. And now with the Green Bird you can get your answers delivered via voice. If the Green Bird can't answer your question, you can easily create your own Peckable to generate the answer using Peck Studio at
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Ask Your Assistant

"Ask the The Green Bird "what is peck?""
"Ask the The Green Bird "when is the next space launch?""
"Talk to the The Green Bird"


Google Home
Android 6.0+ phones
iOS 10.0+ devices