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4.4 Alerts your own Personal Alert ⨁ Network with a 'Check On Me' Alert message sent by SMS, Voice and Email. If you need help and can't reach your phone you can just Ask My Buddy to send help. If you have fallen, or need help, My Buddy lets you immediately alert someone in your Personal Alert Network that you need them to check on you. You may alert just 1 contact or all of your friends or family with just one command. Simply say, 'Hey Google Ask My Buddy Robert to Send Help' or Hey Google, Ask My Buddy to alert everyone', and immediately an alert is sent, notifying them to check on you right away. Alerts will be sent by text message / SMS, an email, and even a voice telephone call. My Buddy is not a substitute for 911, but rather an additional tool offering the security of knowing help is just a shout away. To start using Ask My Buddy, tap on Link Account and the Log In page will display. If you do not have an Ask My Buddy account, Tap on the Register button. This will open the Registration page. Enter your information, and then press Register. You will then return to the Login page. Enter your email and the password you just created on the Registration page. Press the Log-In button The Service page will display again and it will be linked. If you need any help, please contact
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