Butler AI
Butler AI2.2
Butler AI is a food ordering skill where you get to access full menu and customize your order your way! We started with awesome Austin, Texas based restaurants and now we are adding more and more restaurants around major cities in US. And many more. Find out full list of supported restaurants at https://butlerai.site/supported-restaurants Examples: “Alexa, open Butler Ai” Select Location: “my zipcode is 78613” Select Restaurant: “from hot wok” Add items to your order: “Add curry chicken with white rice” “One Szechuan Beef with brown rice” “And a shrimp fried rice” “Also add large wonton soup” To place your order say: “I am done” or "checkout" Butler AI is set to revolutionize the meal ordering experience by giving people what they want, rather than restricting their choices. Butler allows users to order food from their favorite restaurants, with access to their full menu and customize your items. You wanted your taco be trashy, or your burrito with cilantro rice and steak, or your pizza with your favorite toppings? Now there is no need to pre-configure your order or select only from your previous orders, you are free from those restrictions. Some Tips: - If you like to reorder your last order? Say "Alexa tell Butler AI to reorder from Mas Fajitas" - Ask Butler to see the menu: “Show me the menu” & it will SMS you the link to the menu. - To describe what is in your order: “describe my order” Butler will let you know when your order will be ready. Go, pick up your meal and enjoy! Find out more about Butler at https://butlerai.site
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Ask Your Assistant

"Ask Butler AI to order food"
"Ask Butler AI to place last order"
"Ask Butler AI to place last order at Hot Wok"
"Talk to Butler AI"
"Tell Butler AI to order Wich Wich"


Android 6.0+ TVs
Google Home
Android 6.0+ phones
iOS 10.0+ devices