Kitchen Expert
Kitchen Expert agent helps you to control Gourmia kitchen appliances by voice like starting a tea maker or coffee maker with choosing strength of brewing, type of coffee and number of cups. To use Kitchen Expert you need at least one of two Gourmia appliances: Square Craft tea infuser&coffee brewer GWTC-8500 or Programmable coffee maker with built-in grinder GWCM-4550. Just ask for Kitchen Expert and with few steps it will set up Gourmia appliance to prepare your drink. First it will check with a simple question if you want tea or coffee, according to appliances currently paired in your account, then you choose drink parameters and agent immediately turns on your device according to the preferences. Or you can simply ask it to prepare a drink in the single phrase. More new appliances are coming.
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Available on Google Home, Android 6.0+ phones and iOS 9.0+ phones
"Talk to Kitchen Expert"
"Ask Kitchen Expert to make two cups of strong ground coffee"
"Tell Kitchen Expert to make me a fresh tea"
"Tell Kitchen Expert to make me a tea and make it light"
"Ask Kitchen Expert to brew me a coffee from beans"
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