Controlling your Frigidaire Cool Connect Smart Room Air Conditioner is now easier than ever. With the Frigidaire Action on Google Home, you can turn your air conditioner on and off, as well as set the temperature, mode, and fan speed. You can also ask for your AC’s current settings and the room temperature. You'll first need to add your AC unit in the Frigidaire Mobile app. You can then open the Google Home app to link your Frigidaire account to your Google Home. When your account setup is complete, just say “Ok Google, let me talk to Frigidaire.” Make sure to say the name you gave your AC in the Frigidaire mobile app when asking the Google Home to complete a request.
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Ask Your Assistant

"Ask Frigidaire to set 'Air Conditioner' to 72 degrees"
"Ask Frigidaire to set the mode of 'Bedroom AC' to Eco"
"Ask Frigidaire to turn 'Air Conditioner' on"
"Ask Frigidaire to turn the fan speed of 'Living Room AC' to Auto"
"Let me talk to Frigidaire"


Android 6.0+ TVs
Google Home
Android 6.0+ phones
iOS 10.0+ devices