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Add or remove items from your list just by asking, then shop when you're ready.
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Add shower gel and pencils to my shopping list
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Closes out when your phone goes to sleep, and only available using internet access
Stephanie Mahan
December 9, 2018
I really like the shopping list. But have 2 issues with it. I’m not able to rearrange items in the checked off section and, the list automatically closes when I reopen the Google Assistant app or when my phone goes to sleep and I turn it back on.
A Google User
December 9, 2018
A Google User
December 8, 2018
I loved it when it synced with keep. Tolerated it when it moved to the Google app. Now that i have to go online to access it i just get angry. It's made my Google home almost useless. I've gone back to a pad and pen on the fridge.
Michelle Murr
December 7, 2018
Lists are only available online. This is terrible in my rural area where there is no signal in the store! There is also no manual way to get to the list, you have to either save a link to your home screen or ask Google assistant. And guess what? Neither one of these options work without internet connection! This is so far behind basic Amazon Alexa functionality it astounds me.
A Google User
December 6, 2018
I cant find it easily like I could before the update
LeAnn Scharbrough
December 6, 2018
Used to work great, but with the latest update it asks me to log into my secondary account every time! Having this extra step makes it so much harder
noelle stransky
December 4, 2018
Very good
A Google User
December 4, 2018
Hard to find on your phone
Pam Fortin
December 3, 2018
I can't tap somewhere to access my shopping list. I have to type it or speak it through Google home app. It use to be in the menu on Google home app. Don't like it now.
Charlene Debolt
December 2, 2018
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