English King
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English King can make your mind joyful by reciting you a poem. English King can teach you English Grammar. English King can recite poems, tell motivational quotes and jokes. English King can enhance your vocabulary by giving words. Chapters for English Grammar are - nouns, pronouns, articles, tenses, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, pronouns, agreement with verb, interjections, moods, modals, clauses, and adverbs. 🌟 What's New🌟 Version 2.0 ⚪ Now English King is becoming a real King. The voice of King has been changed. ⚪New Chapters are: Moods, Clauses, preposition, and conjunctions. More chapters will be added. ⚪ For your convenience we have added more information about the chapters with examples. ⚪We are happy to announce a new thing called Interesting facts. ⚪Added more poems. ⚪Added more quotes. ⚪Added more words. ⚪Added more Jokes. 🌟🌟 Important Note: We have made some new applications. You can give it a try. The names are:- ⚪Gita Quotes ⚪ Knowledge Everywhere ⚪ Quotes & Facts Try it and rate it. Thank You.
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