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English King can make your mind joyful by reciting you a poem. English King can teach you English Grammar. English King can recite poems, tell motivational quotes and jokes. English King can enhance your vocabulary by giving words. You can use English King for: : - Learning a language (English) - Developing Vocabulary - Reading Poetry - Getting Jokes - Reading Quotes Chapters that English King can teach you for English Grammar are :- 1. Verbs 2. Tenses 3. Prepositions 4. Conjunctions 5. Adverbs 6. Adjectives 7. Agreement with Verb 8. Pronouns 9. Nouns 10. Clauses 11. Modals 12. Moods 13. Active & Passive Voice 14. Articles 15. Interjections There are more than 200 words that will help you in your daily life. This number will increase to 500 in a few days! Tip: If you daily learn 10 words each day, then by the end of the year, you will have 3650 words in your vocabulary! 🌟 What's New🌟 Version 5.0 ⚪ Now English King is available in Google Home Devices! ⚪We are announcing one more interesting feature! Stay tuned ⚪Added more poems. ⚪Added more quotes. ⚪Added more words. ⚪Added more Jokes. 🌟🌟 Important Note: We have made some new applications. You can give it a try. The names are:- 🔸Gita Quotes 🔸 Knowledge Everywhere 🔸 Pass Code Generator 🔸 Flute Sounds Try it and rate it. Thank You.
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