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Switchmate for Google Home gives you the ability to control your Switchmate devices with or without a Switchmate Zip (BT to WiFi bridge) with ease using Google Home! For the best possible experience, we recommend you utilize the Switchmate Zip, however we did include a way to utilize without one but with limited functionality. Please note that when using this functionality without a Zip that the phone you use to pair to Google Home is used as the bridge to your devices, so that means you can only control devices within range of your linked phone(s) at the time you make the request.
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Available devices
Android 6.0+ TVs
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Android 5.0+ phones
iOS 10.0+ devices
Smart Displays
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Arturo Sanchez
October 8, 2018
The tech is amazing
Sajan Ramamoorthy
October 3, 2018
You can't just say turn on the lights, you have to be specific to whatever you named the room. I also dont want to talk to switch mate every time
Manny Ruiz
October 1, 2018
Google Home: Switchmate says something is turned off or on but doesn’t do it. Unlinking and linking will temporarily allow it to work, until it doesn’t.
Dave Chung
September 20, 2018
Once you link your switch mate to your Google assistant that's about it.. easy peasy
john gordon
September 18, 2018
Doesn't work. Switchmate says "light is off" but does nothing to the switch
Matthew Swagerty
September 16, 2018
Bryan Zowadney
September 16, 2018
confusing because you have 2 separate switchmate integration plugins for Google Assistant and one is supposed to work without Google home device and one is supposed to work with Google home device not knowing which one is which and the other one doesn't have the voice commands listed to use with Google Assistant even though the other one is for Google Assistant also because I don't not have a Google home device and I am just using my phone with Google Assistant when I try to pair this app to the assistant it just sends a code line to the web browser let the web browser doesn't know how to forward to anywhere else
Blight Tana
September 15, 2018
Needs bluetooth on 24/7 to work . short range. Doesn't work away from the house
Rich T
September 14, 2018
Does not link when following the instructions to the letter.
Kirk Bowman
September 12, 2018
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