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1. Quiz is here !! Say, 'Start a Quiz' to play a quiz game. 2. Fun Trivia ! Just say 'give me a trivia'. Say 'More' after each trivia to get more facts. 3. Latest scores are here ! Just say the tournament name like 'Basel' or 'Vienna' or 'Basel latest scores'. or 'what happened to Del Potro's match?' 4. Latest title for any player: Say, 'What is the latest title for Nadal?' 5. Get the last match of any player. Ex: say 'del Potro' 6. Get the last match between any two players. Ex: say 'del Potro vs Federer' 7. H2H between any two players: 'Federer vs Murray head to head' From ATP/WTA, Tennis Stud serves up (pun intended) all the Latest news, scores, updates, trivia, fun facts. From Latest updates to past records to everything in between the lines. Current functionality: Quiz game added. 1. Latest ATP/WTA news updated daily MANUALLY by our team and not from automated feeds. Ex: Latest WTA news. 2. Any men's or women's Grandslam (Major) winner names since the beginning. Ex: Who won women's Australian open in 1999? 3. All ATP men's tournament winners since 1960. Ex: Who won Miami in 2016? 4. Trivia/Funfacts Ex: Give me a funfact. 5. ATP Head-to-head between any two players. Ex: Federer vs del Potro H2H 6. ATP: Scores for ANY MATCH since 1960 ! Just say "Nadal vs Federer at Wimbledon 2008" or "Who beat Federer at 2016 Wimbledon" or anything similar. Coming soon: 1. WTA women's tournament results from the past 2. Latest scores 3. Quiz games
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very useful for a quick score update. I just invoke this and say a player's name and it gives me the last match for that player ! comes in handy a lot of times to see who won the match
A Google User
June 9, 2018
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