The Virtual Concierge
You can now provide your guests answers to dozens of questions about your vacation rental, places in the area and things to do - answers that you as the owner specifically define. As owners, you are an expert on the local area. This service makes it easy for you to give guests customized information on your vacation rental, as well as those insights about the local area that they can't get using a web search. Here is an example interaction your guests can have: 'Ok Google, talk to the virtual concierge' (Google introduces the concierge and your guest hears a personalized welcome for your place) 'Tell me the wifi password' (The concierge responds with the wifi password you want your guests to use) 'I'd like some restaurant recommendations' (The concierge responds with your specific recommendations) 'How does departure work?' (The concierge responds with the info you specifically want your guests to know) 'That's all.' Here is how to set up your own concierge service at your vacation rental: 1. Say 'Ok Google, talk to the virtual concierge'. You will be prompted to link the service to your google account. Follow the instructions by clicking on the link button in your Google Home app on your phone or tablet. We recommend setting up your Google Home with a separate account for your vacation rental. 2. Go to the Owner Portal at: Login with that same Google account you created for your vacation rental, and follow the instructions there to save your tailored content . For more information, go to:
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Available on Google Home, Android 6.0+ phones and iOS 9.0+ phones
"Talk to the virtual concierge"
"Ask the virtual concierge about things to do"
"Ask the virtual concierge for restaurant recommendations"
"Ask the virtual concierge for the wifi password"
"Tell the virtual concierge to give us the group orientation"
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