6 Swords
Engage in classic fantasy adventure. Build a team of up to six companions to explore exotic cities, high castles, and deep dungeons. But be careful, the further off the path you get the more dangerous it becomes. The system used is based on OSRIC, an open source version of first edition Dungeons and Dragons (tm). There are many features available in this agent which you can discover as you play it. Some of the more used commands are: North, South, East, West: move around the game map. Enter: enter into a town, castle or dungeon. Inventory: list what your party and your active player is carrying. Who: list the companions in your group. Activate <name>: make one of your companions the active companion. Give <item> to <name>: give an item from the party inventory to the companion. Take <item> from <name>: move an item from a companion to the party inventory. When in combat you cannot use the move commands. However you can: Fight: fight a round of combat with the enemy. Run Away: flee a fight. For a demo of the skill, see this video: https://youtu.be/qPcFc6YT7no For questions, technical support, or to talk with other players, please join the discussion board here: http://starlanes.freeforums.net/board/5/6-swords-discussion
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