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With Tender, there are many ways to find the perfect drink for you. If you don't know what you want but have a flavor palate and a base spirit in mind, you can ask for something like "a tart gin drink" or "a strong whiskey cocktail." Almost any combination of flavors and liquors should work (sorry, no salty rum drinks.) If you already know the drink you want, just ask for it and we'll tell you how to make it, step by step! Our curated database of over 600 cocktails will likely have it. If you know what you like but want to change it up, you can ask for something similar, like "how about something like a mojito?" Tender will use our 900+ analyzed ingredients to determine a close drink to recommend.
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Ask Your Assistant

"Ask Tender for a gin drink"
"Ask Tender what's in a mai tai"
"At Tender surprise me"
"Can I talk to Tender about drinks like a mojito"
"I want to talk to Tender"


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