Toaster Scorekeeper
Toaster Ltd2.4
Toaster Scorekeeper is a free expert number cruncher on a mathematical mission to help you keep score of anything and everything. Games, chores, friendly rivalries, good deeds, or even a swear jar - if you can score it, he can keep count of it. Need to talk to Toaster Scorekeeper? Just shout. You can ask him to start a new game whenever you like, before selecting the number of players (maximum of 8) and deciding their names - choosing between colours or animals. Once a new game has been created, Toaster Scorekeeper is ready for action. You can ask him to add or remove a player, change an individual players score, change everyone's score, clear the score, or end the current game. If you need a recap at any point, simply ask him to tell you the score or who is playing. Figuring out formulas is his forte, so you can count on this eccentric enthusiast to never forget a thing.
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Ask Your Assistant

"Ask Toaster Scorekeeper to add 10 points to everyone"
"Ask Toaster Scorekeeper to end the game"
"Ask Toaster Scorekeeper who's in the lead"
"Ask Toaster Scorekeeper who's playing"
"Let me talk to Toaster Scorekeeper"


Android 6.0+ TVs
Google Home
Android 6.0+ phones
iOS 10.0+ devices