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You can use the action to find locations of your loved one's as well as yourself. Also you can ring a lost phone loudly even if it's on silent mode. You can ring phone's of all relatives who are linked to your household account on Starfish. To switch off sound click on the alert you receive or open our app "Starfish Mint" on your phone. You can also broadcast messages to all relatives or send a one liner to a single relative. You will need our mobile app and a subscribed user id to be shared between household. Every time you request someone's location they get an alert and you get to know where they are. We have apps for Android and IOS. To link your mobile phone download our app (Search for Starfish Mint or you get a link when you register on our website in our welcome pack email) and goto Mobile Services/Starfish Track section. You can setup your action following below steps. You will find more details on our website: 1. Register for a account. If you use any of our other actions/alexa skills then you don't need to register again. All our actions/skills requires account linking 2. Link your action with your Account linking gets triggered when you try and enable the action. You must link if you want to do anything beyond launch prompt 3. Login to and subscribe for actions. If you have an active subscription then you don't need to subscribe again. 4. Download our Mobile app to all members of your household and in Mobile Services/Starfish Track section login with the same user id on all mobile devices. 5. Assign a relation name to the mobile phone. This screen is presented after login screen 6. More details at . That is it you are all setup to ask Google Assistant for Starfish Track.
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