Prayer Pal
Prayer Pal helps you find out your local prayer times for the five daily prayers, as well as fasting times for Ramadan. You can ask questions like "When is Asr salah?", “What time is Maghrib?”, or "When can I pray Isha?", and we will give you the local timings for these prayers, based on your location. You can also try saying "What time is Fajr in Santa Clara?" or "When can I pray Isha in Waterloo Ontario?". We support all five prayers, and also support queries for suhoor and iftar. Try asking "When do I start fasting?" or “When is iftar?” during Ramadan.
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"Ask Prayer Pal at what time can I pray Fajr?"
"Ask Prayer Pal what time is Asr in Mountain View?"
"Ask Prayer Pal what time is Iftar?"
"Ask Prayer Pal when can I pray Maghrib?"
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