Don’t want to get up from the middle of a movie but you’re not sure if you locked the front door? Ask to lock the front door. A little hot or too cold, ask to set the living room to heat or AC mode. Whatever the scenario, the action adds convenience to monitoring and controlling your system. Here are a few examples of other commands (start with “Ok Google, ask…”): Security “…Arm stay my security system.” “…Is my security system armed?” Lights “…Turn the living room light on.” “…Set the living room light to 80 percent.” “…Turn the living room light down.” “…Turn off the lights.” Thermostat “…Set the kitchen thermostat to 72 degrees.” “…Increase the temperature by 2 degrees.” “…Set the kitchen to AC mode.” “...the temperature.” Door Locks & Garage Doors “…Lock the front door.” “…Shut the garage door.” “…Is the front door unlocked?” “…Is the garage door open?” Want to interact with multiple devices at once? Name the devices with a common location and make the request plural. For example: “…Turn off the bedroom lights.” “…Lock the front doors.”
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Ask your assistant
Ask the upstairs temperature
Tell arm system stay
Tell to flip on the living room light
Tell to lock the front door
Tell to set the thermostat to 76 degrees
Home control
Available devices
Android 6.0+ TVs
Google Home
Android 5.0+ phones
iOS 10.0+ devices
Smart Displays
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Only sets to STAY
A Google User
September 17, 2018
Only basic commands, often fails, usually is faster to get up and walk to the control panel or find my phone. Other things for Google Home work great & friends with different systems have no issues with their Google Home. This is garbage.
Joshua Kirk
September 16, 2018
It doesn't work. Just says "sorry, something went wrong but you can try again later." Absalute garbage
Matt Bourbon
September 5, 2018
I managed to link it with just for my alarm but doesn’t disarm with a pin like Alexa. It only “stay” my system, it doesn’t even set it to “away”
Yanick Richemond
September 5, 2018
I was able to get to link with my Google Home; however, I could not get the full functionality to work. For example, if I try to open my garage or unlock my front door - I get a message that secure actions are not authorized. What gives?
Aaron Silver
August 27, 2018
Can't even get it to link...
Perry Merrity II
August 23, 2018
Does not allow me to link account in Canada.
Peter Dhanaraj
August 14, 2018
Can get it to link to google home
mike albanese
August 14, 2018
Veronica “smurf” Lobos
August 8, 2018
Only really basic commands are supported. The only one that of any use to me is Arm Stay. I would really like a Stay with No Delay Entry. This is the missing piece of my Good Night routine.
Bruce Williams
July 27, 2018
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