Stop the bickering over TV and computer use! ChronosBot is your family's screen time manager. It lets you set up a screen time allowance for each member of your household and then use Google Assistant or chat bots to withdraw time whenever it's used. You can say things like "Ok Google, tell ChronosBot to withdraw 20 minutes" or "Ok Google, ask ChronosBot for the balances". You can give rewards, pay for chores in screen time and charge penalties. There's even a "mystery bonus" for fun. To use ChronosBot: 1) Set up an account at for yourself. 2) Add your family members to the account on the dashboard and set up their allowance. 3) Ask Google Assistant to "open ChronosBot" - Assistant will tell you that you need to link the account via the card on the Google Assistant app. 4) Tap the card in the Google Assistant app and follow the instructions to link the account. 5) You should be set! You can now withdraw time, give credit for chores, and much more.
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Ask Your Assistant

"Ask ChronosBot for the balance"
"Tell ChronosBot to assign a penalty"
"Tell ChronosBot to give a mystery bonus"
"Tell ChronosBot to give a reward"
"Tell ChronosBot to withdraw 30 minutes"


Android 6.0+ TVs
Google Home
Android 6.0+ phones
iOS 10.0+ devices