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If you are a New York City bus commuter, this app is for you.With this app, you will know how far is next bus to a nearby stop(when the next bus will arrive). Then you can plan/decide when will it be good to go out & catch the bus on time, while having coffee at your home.No more long waits at the stop. It can also be used from google assistant on the phone, while you are on the go. If you know the MTA bus number/route (like Q10, M1 or B44) and the destination of the bus(like JFK, Harlem) where you will be heading, you can ‘ask New York Bus the next M1 to harlem’. Since the bus route M1 is going either to Harlem 147 St or to East Village 8 St, the app will tell you about the next three buses approaching your location heading to Harlem 147 St. You can also ask it for local or limited buses only by saying like ‘the next Q10 to JFK limited’. If you don't know the available routes near you, the app can give you the list of bus routes/lines near your location, if you ‘ask New York Bus about the available routes’ . This app will store your home location permanently and phone location temporarily(10 minutes), to avoid asking for device location again & again. When you move to new home, don't forget to ‘ask New York Bus to update location’.If you want to remove your location from app’s memory you can also say ‘delete my location’.
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