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Yva Tasks for Google Assistant lets you talk to and keep track of tasks within your emails! Never overlook another important task again! Yva Tasks: - automatically compiles a task lists from your emails - understands the deadline, scope, status, and importance of tasks - create and add tasks manually to your list To start: Connect your email accounts to Yva Tasks by clicking “link” through your Google Assistant. Once you’ve linked your account, click “try it” to go to the Google Assistant interface. Follow the steps to link other accounts to Yva Tasks. Now, you’re ready to start using Yva! To activate: Type in, “talk to yva tasks” to activate Yva Tasks. To read tasks: You can ask Yva to read your “most important task” or your “newest task.” Ask for task details by entering “details.” To manage your task list: Enter “done,” “dismiss,” or “snooze.” Yva AI also gets smarter when you tell her the reason for dismissing tasks. You can say “duplicated,” “not for me,” “not a task” and she will learn. To navigate your task list: Say “next” or “previous” or “third task” or “last task” etc. To add a new task to your list: Say “create” or “add task” and add the scope and deadline of the task Yva AI is also available as a web version and an iOS version. To learn more, please visit yva.ai. For our privacy policy, please go to https://findohelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204977732-Privacy-Policy. We love feedback! If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact us at support@yva.ai.
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