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Control your smart devices through Google Action. Turn off your bedroom light by voice when you’re already in bed. Enjoy a smart lifestyle with Smart Life!
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This, and the many other devices that use the Tuya platform, ie Smart Life, DO NOT work with the Google Assistant at this time. These devices will work with their apps, but not with Assistant. The issue is that even though linking this "app" and the assistant is successful the devices will not show up under "devices" to be controlled. There are a lot of recent post around the internet that report the same issues. Also, this smart life app has its own assistant. You can ask the Google Assistant to "talk to smart life" and, sometimes, this will work. But the experience is less than satisfactory.
Bubba Lichvar
September 12, 2018
Trash. Doesn't add connected device to Google home control after account linked as advertised.
Matt Pinaud
September 12, 2018
Will not work. Decided to use Alexa instead, and it works.
Philip Van Cleave
September 9, 2018
Same issue. Cannot link to Google Home. It would be much appreciated if Smart Life programmers could offer a solution.
Vincent Gagnon
September 7, 2018
Google home kept saying smart life can't be reached but I am able to use the smart life app and also google assistant on my phone
September 5, 2018
Its half broken..hopefully they didn’t spend a lot on the dev team..
Arron Barton
August 29, 2018
Just doesn't work!
Suzanne Morgan
August 11, 2018
Everything I stantly stopped working for me this morning! I have 21 smart devices and Google's only showing 14 and j can't control any of them! Parhetic there is always problems
A Google User
July 24, 2018
Works. It's difficult to find a command list of the assistant implementation
Alejandro Lobos Kunstmann
June 25, 2018
Works perfect with my Maxcio lights. I have 4 and doesn't have an issue off, on or changing the brightness & colors.
Gary Ray
June 23, 2018
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