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Use Google Assistant with a Logitech Harmony hub-based remote to turn on/off your TV, start and stop Harmony Activities, tune to your favorite channels, control volume, and play/pause whatever you are watching. For example, say "Ok Google, ask Harmony to turn on the TV" to power on your entire entertainment system — TV, speakers, AV receiver, and cable box — all to the right inputs. Google Assistant works with Logitech Harmony Elite, Harmony Companion, and Harmony Hub; available at: logitech.com/harmony. For additional information or support, please visit myharmony.com/google-assistant
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Ask your assistant
Ask Harmony to pause my movie
Ask Harmony to tune to ESPN
Ask Harmony to turn on Netflix
Ask Harmony to turn on my TV
Ask Harmony to turn up the volume
Home control
Available devices
Android 6.0+ TVs
Google Home
Android 5.0+ phones
iOS 10.0+ devices
Smart Displays
1204 users
All reviews
The remote is nice the app is not so good and on Android the app cannot connect to Harmony Servers this is effecting a major part of the functionality of this remote and hub system
Dave Singh
September 19, 2018
Thomas Watts
September 19, 2018
Set it up. Ask it to turn on TV. Tells me I don't have a TV activity or favourite. Fail.
Lucas Blaney
September 19, 2018
Hate the fact that I have to say: Ask Harmony to...
Devin Balentina
September 19, 2018
Keeps asking me to rate it even though I already did.
Carl Besa
September 18, 2018
So far reasonably good. It doesn't recognize my voice match sometimes so that can be annoying.
Liz Mills
September 18, 2018
The problem is is that Google home is getting confused with devices it recognizes with harmony versus other home services versus the TV or actual devices versus routine names etc. etc. etc. the whole Google integration is screwed up right now and harmony is taking the heat for it.
Michael Benson
September 18, 2018
Horrible. Why do I need voice identification in my own fracking house??
William Southerland
September 17, 2018
Off to a very bad start.
Victor Toribio
September 15, 2018
Hey google ask harmony.. at that is all she wrote works half the time.
jeff check
September 15, 2018
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