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Always know what everyone can eat and their favorite foods - without the hassle of remembering complex food lists! Unlock PERSONALIZED features by linking your FREE Selectivor profile to Food Expert: *Say “OK Google, ask Food Expert is hummus OK for me” *Say “OK Google, open Food Expert”, then ask “Is bacon OK for my team?" *“What are Oliver Smith’s favorite foods?” HOW TO LINK YOUR SELECTIVOR PROFILE WITH FOOD EXPERT: 1. Create your free Selectivor profile by opening Food Expert on the Google Assistant app (click "Link") OR via the Selectivor mobile app (App Store or Google Play Store). NOTE: If you use Facebook sign-in with Selectivor, be sure you create a Selectivor password. Complete your personal eating profile and invite friends and family to join as Selectivor contacts. 2. Come back to the Food Expert page on the Google Assistant app and link your Selectivor profile by clicking "Link. Use your Selectivor username and password and you'll be all set. 3. You're ready to eat! Wasn't that easy? IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: By using this action, you agree to our full Terms and Disclaimer. Food Expert by Selectivor does not provide medical advice and is not a substitute for consultation and advice provided by a qualified and licensed health professional. Always verify all foods with the manufacturer and your health professional prior to consuming, serving or recommending. Medical Disclaimer *Try different sentence structures. For example, “Can I eat mango?” and “Is mango OK for me?” *Try different versions of food names - some foods may be more specific and others more general. For example, “lean chicken meat” or “chicken breast”. *Check your Selectivor contacts to verify you’re using the exact person or group’s name. *Speak very slowly and clearly, especially with names of people or foods. *Kindly use our mobile app to send us feedback, ideas, and improvements.
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