Hello Kitty's Room
You can talk a lot with Hello Kitty. Say hello, go out, cook, garden, decorate... You can talk to her about anything! "Good morning, what are you going to do today? "Good morning, what are you doing today?" "Today was fun too, good night." Tell Kitty about your day. "Where are we going today? Kitty loves to go out! She loves to go out, so help her on her outings. You can always talk to her on the phone while you're out! Let's cook together! Let's grow seeds of magic in the garden. Let's grow magic seeds in the garden and make the most delicious dishes! Let's redecorate your room! Collect kawaii items to create a beautiful room of your own. Collect cute items and create your own beautiful room. In a cute room Collect cute items and create your own beautiful room. Let's have a happy life for you and Kitty! ©2021 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPROVAL NO. S612015
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