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Star One Credit Union
Press the link button to connect this Google Action with your Star One membership. You will be shown a login screen where you will need to enter your username and password for Star One Online/Mobile Banking. You can choose which accounts you want to use with voice banking and you'll be prompted to create a 4 digit Voice Key. Once your account is linked, say "Hey Google, talk to Star One" You'll be prompted to speak the Voice Key you just created, then try the following: Account Balances: "How much money do I have?" "What's the balance of my savings account?" "How much do I have in Checking?" Transfers "Transfer 50 dollars from savings to checking" "Move 34 dollars and 50 cents from savings to checking" Payments "Pay my credit card" "When is my auto loan due?" "Make a mortgage payment" Locations "Where is the nearest branch?" "Where is the nearest ATM?" Information "What's the routing number" "What's the website?" "What's the phone number?" "What do I do if I lost my debit card?" "How do I activate my new credit card?" "How do I change my card's PIN?" "I forgot my Voice Key" Privacy disclaimer: This action accesses your account information, speaks it aloud and displays it on Google devices with screens.
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