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Enhance your Smart Home experience with Google and Nooie's products. If you own an google hub, you can ask google hub to display the live view from your Nooie Camera. Follow the steps here to connect your Nooie account to Google: 1. Download the "Nooie" app from the app store; 2. Register a Nooie account to add your devices; 3. Configure your devices and name the devices; 4. Download the "Google Home" or "Google Assistant" app from the app store; 5. Configure Google hub in the "Google home" or "Assistant" app; 6. Add devices to search for "Nooie" from the category in the "Google Home" or "Assistant" app; 7. Enable "Nooie" action, and you'll be navigated to Nooie's login page; 8. Log into your Nooie account and authorize google to finish. Once the "Nooie" action is linked, simply ask Google to control your Nooie devices by their names. For example: “Ok Google, show (name of device) on kitchen display" “Ok Google, stream (name of device) to kitchen display" “Ok Google, stop" Currently this action supports: Nooie Cam 360 If you experience any problems while using this action, please contact us at
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