Connect with us like never before with the new MetLife Google Assistant. Find nearby dental or vision providers and research various dental procedures costs, all with your voice. Please be aware that all costs are approximate and shouldn’t be considered final until you’ve spoken with your provider. To get started, simply say, "ok Google, Talk to MetLife." Once you've opened the skill, here are some voice commands that you can use : To find a dental provider, say “Find a dentist” To find a vision provider, say “Find an eye doctor” To find a dental procedure cost, say “How much does a root canal cost?”, “How much does a filling cost?”, or try saying “procedure cost.” You can also ask MetLife direct questions, such as: “How much does a root canal cost in Miami, Florida,” or "Find a Spanish-speaking dentist in Miami, Florida,” or “Find me a vision provider in 11355.”
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