The Three Percent Challenge
Doppio Games
In a future where the elite inhabit a paradise far from the crowded slums, you get one chance to join the 3% who will be saved from squalor. Are you up to the challenge? Candidate, it’s finally time for you to begin The Process. Join an interactive game with multiple endings, challenges, and a constant test of your skills, all as you work to secure a spot in the elite 3% that are allowed to leave the dystopian slums of the Mainland for the paradise that awaits Offshore. Will you go all-out to beat the competition, or find a way to work together to succeed? What mysteries lie in the motivations of those who supervise The Process? Features: - Based on 3%, the riveting series! The 3% Challenge was created and written in collaboration with the writers and showrunner of “3%”, the hit Netflix Original Series, and is voiced by lead actress Bianca Comparato. Learn more about the game from Bianca here: - An Interactive Storyline: A compelling world and intriguing characters respond to your decisions and responses. Many branches and hidden paths can take you to different endings! - Doppio community: Log in to your Doppio ID to make sure your game and purchases are saved at all times. Join our community of voice gamers and be the first to know about game updates and new games to play! Watch the new season of 3% now, streaming only on Netflix. Official Netflix Merchandise. © 2020 Netflix, Inc. ************** If you like this game, please leave us a review on the Google Assistant store! We love reviews. For assistance and any feedback about the game, get in touch at or ************** Update History We update The 3% Challenge regularly with gameplay improvements and new content! For a complete list of updates, check out: ************** Digital Purchases You can play Chapter 1 of the story, as well as all six different types of challenges in the Simulator, for free. To complete the entire story, you can purchase Chapters 2-8 individually. You can also buy The Challenge Story Bundle to unlock all seven premium story chapters for the price of three! ************** Connect with us for more information about The 3% Challenge, Doppio Games, and other titles:
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