Prayaas Youth Foundation
Nishant Dhande
Prayaas Youth Foundation is a Non-Profit Youth Community which is engaged in social events. Every Year in June there is a Youth Fest where various Sports tournament are held in Nigdi, Pune. Prayaas Youth Foundation also takes social events and health events around in PCMC like Zumba and charity. By taking help of Google Assistant,we Prayaas Youth Foundation are rolling out the details for everyone as they avail the details of this event on their finger tips just by saying, Heyy Talk to Prayaas Youth Foundayion. After that if User asks any details about the Prayaas Youth Fest the agent will answer everything which is asked related to our Prayaas Youth Fest. The training Phrase of our agent contains user expression about every thing we have at prayaas. We also have additionally provided a Google Maps link in the conversation which will guide user to the venue of event. This assistant gives every information about out Prayaas Youth Fest including the age categories and entry fees for the tournament. Prayaas Youth Foundation is a registered club or foundation and approved by government. Currently the core community of prayaas youth foundation is 40, but the reach of prayaas is all over the pune. In our youth fest, mainly focus is on football and badminton and rest sports are not guaranteed whether they will be taken or not. This year's youth fest includes Football and badminton. In which both sports have Under-17, Under-19 and Open Categories. Prayaas also does the charity event in the orphanage, where there are children who don't have parents. We help them by giving them things they will need throughout year, we also contact many other people who can help them with some other things which they need throughout the year. We also promote many educational institutes in our youth fest as they have sponsored us for this youth fest and helped us make this youth fest from the core. There's also a initiative by us which is named as Prayaas Treks, which includes of two treks every month in the state of Maharashtra. In Maharashtra there so much forts to trek on, so we have decided to explore all this and we also have mentioned that anyone can come with us. Prayaas Youth Foundation is based in Yamunanagar, Nigdi in the Pune city.
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