The Swedish flag
Andreas Johansson
Have you ever woken up and wondered if you forgot to hoist the flag? Well, the Swedish flag at least? With the help of the Swedish flag you can quickly and easily find out if you need to hoist the Swedish flag, today or any other day. This application is a must have for you who don't speak Swedish but have Swedish roots and feel you want to still keep a piece of Sweden. Or maybe you are just curious, whatever the reason is, The Swedish flag will help the best it can. Of course, the Swedish flag also helps you remember when it is time to hoist the flag by sending a reminder if you ask it to. Here you can read about advanced features of the Swedish flag For a description of everything you can do, visit this page Note. As for now all reminders and flag day information is based on Swedish time zone. This can be changed in the future to be more localized. This can result in an American user asking if it is flag day today receiving a negative response in the morning and a positive response later the same day.
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