Panasonic HomeHawk
With the Panasonic HomeHawk action and Google Assistant, you can control your Panasonic HomeHawk camera with your voice. To get started, link your Panasonic ID and register your Panasonic HomeHawk camera to control. <Step by step guidance> (1) Complete the registration of the camera and check that you can view the video properly on your mobile devices. (2) From the setting screen of HomeHawk app, use or create the Panasonic ID, and set your email address and a password for the ID. (3) From the Google Home app, select "Smart Home", then select "Panasonic HomeHawk" for the additional device. An account/link screen for entering the ID/Password for integrating with Google Home will be displayed. Enter your ID/Password. (4) Now you can operate the supported functions via voice commands for the Panasonic cameras with your Google Assistant devices. <Supported models> (1) HomeHawk FRONT DOOR Series* (KX-HN7001/KX-HN7002/KX-HN7003/KX-HN1007) (2) HomeHawk SHELF (KX-HNC810) (3) HomeHawk FLOOR (KX-HNC850) *These models include following individual components: HomeHawk FRONT DOOR KX-HNC700/ OUTDOOR KX-HNC710 NOTE: HomeHawk INDOOR(KX-HNC800/KX-HN1003) are NOT supported. <Commands> By saying these commands or similar you can control your Panasonic HomeHawk camera: Streaming Camera: - "OK Google, show Entrance Camera on TV." - "OK Google, show Living Room on <chromecast name>." - "OK Google, stop <chromecast name>." Control Modes: You can control the mode of camera. - "OK Google, activate / start Basic Mode." - "OK Google, deactivate / stop Away Mode." Get Temperature: HomeHawk SHELF and FLOOR supported. - "OK Google, what’s the temperature of Living Room?" Control Privacy Mode: HomeHawk SHELF and FLOOR supported. You can control the shutter of the camera. - "OK Google, activate / start Privacy Mode of Living Room." - "OK Google, deactivate / stop Privacy Mode of Living Room." Light Controls: HomeHawk FLOOR supported. You can turned on and off, and adjusted to 3 different levels. light level : high(70%), medium(50%), low(25%), off(0%) - "OK Google, turn on / off Living Room light." - "OK Google, brighten / dim Living Room light."
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Ask your assistant
Show the Front Door Camera on Living Room TV
Turn on the camera
Is the Babycam On?
Show garage camera
What's on Baby camera?
Turn On Hallway Camera
Turn off the camera
Dim the lights in the dining room
Are the lights on in the kids bedroom?
Dim the lights
Is the light on in Mary's playroom?
Turn on the kids bedroom lamps
Turn on Movie Mode
Activate Good Morning
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