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Google assistant now can voice control your surco devices to control and interact with your existing home appliances. surco turns your smart phone into a universal remote control and upgrades your home into a smart home immediately. With simple steps, surco turns your traditional infrared home appliances into smart devices and enables voice control that makes smart home becomes simpler than ever. You can use surco app or voice to control your home appliances via surco and upgrade to smart home easily. Please visit surco Facebook fan page( for more information. Set up steps: 1. Download surco App to your smart phone (Android or iOS) from Google Play Store or App Store. 2. First time set up requires connecting to a Wi-Fi router (*Please turn off 3G/4G cellular data, turn on GPS) 3. After pairing successfully, enter surco App and add new devices, pair with your home appliances and make sure you can control home appliances via surco App now 4. Register the mysurco voice control account in surco App, verify your email by clicking “Verify” link.(do not close surco App) 5. After verifying, go back to surco App and connect the voice control account, go to email that shows connecting mysurco voice control account successfully (do not close surco App) 6. Click” Name your device” link, enter the password and log in to mysurco voice control account, all the home appliances will be synced automatically 7. Edit device name: surco supports Chinese, English, Japanese language, depends on your Google Home’s language setting. 8. Click”Save” and finish 9. Download “Google Home” App from Google Play Store or App Store and finish the Google Home speaker pairing first 10. Enter ”Google Home” App, click the ”+” icon on the top left corner→ ”set up device” → ”Google’s partner” to add a new device 11. Search “surco” 12. Select surco action and log in to your mysurco voice control account, and you are connected with your Google Home 13. After connecting, you can start using Google Home to voice control your home appliances, please refer to the following for suggested commands 14. What’s more, your surco will also show on your Google Home App home page, you can “Add it to your Home” or “Edit name”, and you can use Google assistant to voice control and interact with your surco *Friendly reminder: First time set up requires smart phone to connect to the Wi-Fi environment. After pairing successfully, you can switch your smart phone to 3G/4G internet and control home appliances remotely. Instruction videos: 1. surco first time set up video: 2. surco pairing with home appliances video: 3. Google Home voice control set up video: (*Please name your home appliances in the same language as your Google Home) Suggested commands: 1. AC Turn on the AC “Ok Google, turn on the AC”; Turn off the AC “Ok Google, turn off the AC” Turn AC temperature up “Ok Google, turn the AC temperature up”; Turn AC temperature down “Ok Google, turn the AC temperature down” 2. Ceiling Light Turn on the light “Ok Google, turn on the light”; Turn off the light “Ok Google, turn off the light” 3. Fan Turn on the fan “Ok Google, turn on the fan”; Turn off the fan “Ok Google, turn off the fan” 4. Vacuum Turn on the vacuum “Ok Google, turn on the vacuum”; Turn off the vacuum “Ok Google, turn off the vacuum” Technical support: Please contact us via Facebook fan page “surco-雲端家電遙控” ( or send us an email if you're having any issues.
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Ask your assistant
Turn on the lights
Is the light on in Mary's playroom?
Turn off the dining room lamps
Are the lights on in the bathroom?
Turn on the lights in the kids bedroom
Turn on my lights
Start the AC
Make the AC speed lower
What is the AC speed?
What is the AC doing?
Did I set AC to cool?
What cycle is the AC in?
Raise the AC speed
Set AC to high
Lower the AC speed
Stop the AC
Turn on the fan
Set fan to 5
Raise the fan speed
Make the fan speed higher
Turn off the fan
Lower the fan speed
Make the fan speed lower
What is the fan speed?
Pause the vacuum
Stop vacuuming
Start vacuuming
Send the vacuum home
Dock the vacuum
Stop the vacuum
Is the vacuum charging?
Charge the vacuum
Start the vacuum
Is the vacuum running?
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