Weight Charter
Weight Charter helps you to track your weight. You can either tell Weight Charter your weight, or, you can ask Weight Charter how heavy you are. To tell Weight Charter that you were 176 pounds you can say, tell weight charter my weight is 176 pounds. By default this will record your weight for today. You can also give a date, so if you were 168 pounds on January 12th, you can say, tell weight charter I was 168 pounds on January 12th. To ask Weight Charter your current weight, you can say, ask Weight Charter how much I weigh. You can also give a date, so to ask what you weighed on July 18th, you can say, ask Weight Charter, how heavy was I on July 18th? '; Weight charter will then report back your weight, closest to July 18th. Weight Charter accepts weights in pounds, kilograms or stone.
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