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There are lots of smart things we can do to make your grocery shopping experience better. Have you ever been going about your daily life when all of a sudden you need to use the bathroom. Upon arrival, you realize you are out of toilet paper. So you run to your tp stash and then it dawns on you. You have a very important decision to make. Quietly tell yourself 'you will remember to get more' and proceed to use up that precious last roll, or take some immediate action. At that moment you can simply talk to RecipeToTable with your voice ‘add toilet paper’ and you’re done. It could not be faster, and using RecipeToTable with your voice will pay dividends. Alternative scenarios include: Going to your snack cabinet and eating the last pretzel Using the last bit of mouth wash Putting the last battery in your remote control ...and many more! Here's what typical list apps want you to do. 1. Navigate your device to the apps screen. 2. Click to open your preferred grocery list app. 3. Login or otherwise navigate to the grocery list section of the app. 4. Type out the item you need to remember to buy into your grocery list. Potentially review your list to ensure you did not add the same item twice. Here's the fastest way to add an item to your grocery list, with Recipe To Table 1. Open Google Assistant either by voice 'ok google' or long-press the home key 2. 'Talk to RecipeToTable add toilet paper’. Done. BONUS: Our assistant will try its best to actually UNDERSTAND what you are saying. We will tell you if a similar item is already on your list and ask if you want to combine these two similar items into one. What do we understand? Quantities: numbers (1), fractions (1/2) and ranges (such as 6 to 8) Units of Measure: tablespoons, grams, and other common units. Ingredients/Grocery Items: We also categorize your items into grocery store aisles automatically for you. Voice Examples: For ad-hoc items: You say: 'add toilet paper' We automatically add this item, no other questions asked. For ingredients: You say: 'add 1 cup tasty olive oil' We ask if you want to add: '8 ounces olive oil' *Why ounces? Generally we buy things from the store by the ounce, not by the cup. For ingredients with a range: You say: 'add 6 to 8 tablespoons dijon mustard' We ask if you want to add: '3.5 ounces dijon mustard' *Why 3.5 ounces? The range 6 to 8 implies 7 is the middle, and 7 Tablespoons is 3.5 ounces. We always check if you may have a similar item on your list for you, and let you know automatically. For items already on your list: If ‘2 eggs’ is already on your list You say: 'add 3 eggs’ We respond with something like: combine to ‘5 eggs’ or add new item. All items will be automatically categorized for you as well, which you can see the next time you open your list in the Recipe To Table app. This is exactly why we integrated Recipe To Table with Google Assistant. We believe this is the fastest, most convenient way for our users to add ad-hoc grocery list items to Recipe To Table. We use this feature every week, whenever we have that spur of the moment ‘I forgot to add something to my grocery list last week’ or ‘I just used the last of that one thing and need to remember to get more’. We hope our users enjoy this feature and we expect to expand our Google Assistant integration in the future.
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