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With the Hu-Friedy Sharpening Support educational tool, keeping your dental instruments sharp is easy! Dental professionals now have a simple, easy to use application which can walk them through the step-by-step instructions for sharpening any Hu-Friedy scaler or curette. 1. Start by saying “Google, open Hu-Friedy Sharpening Support”. This will trigger the welcome menu and let you choose what instrument you would like to sharpen. 2. Choose which instrument you would like to sharpen by saying the type, such as Sickle scaler, Universal curette, or Gracey curette. You can also get instructions for the exact instrument number you wish to sharpen. Just ask for the number, such as “SH6 slash 7” 3. Once you have the instrument you wish to sharpen, listen to all the sharpening steps! Using the Google Assistant App, you can also browse sharpening images, or watch sharpening videos (video and images are only available via Google Assistant). 4. Try out these voice commands once you initialize the Hu-Friedy Sharpening Support educational tool: a. Say “Steps” to listen/browse sharpening steps b. Say “Pause” to stop mid-step c. Say “Repeat” to listen the sharpening step again d. Say “Go back to Step [X]” to return to any previous step you’ve already listened too e. Say “Skip” to listen to the following step f. Say “Start Over” to go back to the first sharpening step. g. When prompted by Google, say “sharpen another instrument” – to transition sharpening instructions to a different instrument. h. Say “Exit” to leave the action completely. **Keep in mind that the Hu-Friedy Sharpening Support is not a substitute for using professional judgment as a dental health-care provider in the safe use of a dental instrument that has a limited life.
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