WiFiSecureAccess Devices
Raman Nath
Activation of General purpose IOT devices from WiFiSecureAccess. WiFiSecureAcccess's general purpose devices are for users who want to connect anything to the internet. These are general purpose IOT devices. They can be used as a switch to put anything ON/OFF. These can be activated either using an app on a smart phone or using Google Assistant from remote or by scanning a QRCode or an NFC tag. As these devices are designed as general-purpose IOT devices, they can be used for any specific purpose simply by configuring the device. They can be used for putting ON/OFF any equipments. They can be used to put ON/OFF a switch or a fan or anything similar equipments within a house of industry. By cabling these devices to door actuators, and by configuring, these smart devices can be used as keyless entry to a house or buildings. These devices can also be used for opening and closing a garage door. These devices can also be cabled to boom gates of parking lots to open/close the entry and exit gates. By properly configuring, these devices cal also replace the existing parking meters of a public parking as well. Note that, in all these applications, these devices act like a switch. When activated, they either put the device ON or OFF (or, Open/Close). So, when linked to Google Home assistant, only two traits are needed to be implemented (on-off or open-close). Each device has two output ports. When discovering these devices from Google Home, two devices will be seen for each smart device. Customers can name these ports as they want. They can also disable discovery of either or both of these ports in Google Assistants. These configurations are available for the customer on the wifisecureaccess.com sites. These devices also have sensors which are used by automatic controls. However, we have disabled discovery of these sensors by Google Assitant. In fact when configured for automatic controls, manual operation of these devices are disabled and these devices will not be seen in Google Home.
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