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4.5 Mastermind lets you send SMS text messages & emails, initiate phone calls, ring your phone, share your location, search for places, search the web, launch Google Maps navigation, access apps on your phone, get your calendar and much more. Mastermind is your cross-platform AI (artificial intelligence) that helps you get things done on any voice-enabled device (such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple iPhones and others). * Send SMS text messages * Send email * Initiate Phone calls * Ring your phone * Share your location * Search for places to eat and go * Perform web search * Get Caller ID (Android only) * Read app notifications (Android only) * Get phone battery charge * Turn on Wifi, Bluetooth and Do-Not-Disturb (Android only) * Launch Google Maps navigation on your phone * Send articles from your PC to Mastermind and have Alexa read it aloud * Cast to Chromecast TV (Android only) * Get your Calendar and Schedule from multiple calendars * More... Mastermind has a lot of AI features and we are constantly adding more. Please note however that not all the features that Mastermind supports may be available for your specific device(s) due to manufacturer restrictions (for example Apple iPhone users will have a different set of features available to them compared to Android users). If you try a feature that your device doesn’t support, we will let you know that your device doesn’t support that feature. Download all the Mastermind apps at: **************************************************** 5 reasons to try out Mastermind: 1) To send a text message, say "Hey Google, Ask Mastermind to Text John Doe" and Mastermind will send the SMS message using your carrier phone number. 2) To ring your phone, say "Hey Google, Ask Mastermind to Ring My Phone". 3) To send an email, say "Hey Google, Ask Mastermind Email Jane Doe". For a phone call "Ask Mastermind to call Jane Doe" 4) When your phone dings, say "Hey Google, Ask Mastermind What Was That?". Mastermind will read out the email, Facebook update, WhatsApp message, Tweet, Instagram post or any notification instantaneously without you reaching for your phone. (Android only) 5) To start a conversation, just say "Hey Google, Talk to Mastermind". **************************************************** Mastermind takes your security and privacy very seriously. Mastermind uses end-to-end encryption to make sure that all of your information is secure. See more at Mastermind is made by Convessa and is powered by the Convessa Voice AI Platform. Learn more at For commonly asked questions, see If you can’t find the answer on the website please email
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Available devices
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Android 6.0+ TVs
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