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IMPORTANT: With the AEG Home Comfort and Google home, you can now interact with your AEG Home Comfort appliance by voice. To get started: 1. Sign up / sign in AEG Home Comfort App Download and install AEG Home Comfort App (search “AEG Home Comfort” in App Store or Google Play) and sign up an AEG Home Comfort account. 2. Add device Make sure the Wi-Fi device has been correctly configured in AEG Home Comfort App and you can remotely control/access it via external networks (3G/4G). 3. Link action In Google home App, search and link the action “AEG Home Comfort”. Then follow the wizard to link your Google Home account to AEG Home Comfort account. After account linking process is completed, devices will be listed in Google home App and make sure the devices are displayed as the same name in AEG Home Comfort App. NOTE: You need to link the action again in Google home App if one of the following changes were made: Added or deleted device, The device has been reset. 4. Control device by voice Now you can speak to Google home for voice control. When you use this action to control your device, you need to control your device successfully by calling the name of your device, thus each device should have a name. For example, if you named one of your devices “Cool Maker”, you can say: “OK google, turn off Cool Maker.” If you named another device “Air conditioner”, you can say: “Ok google, turn on Air conditioner.” Troubleshooting: If Google home respond successfully but the device isn’t working, the reason might be that your device is offline. Please try to access the device in AEG Home Comfort App. If the App shows “Device is offline”, please check your network connection until you can access the device in app. If you have any further questions, you can get our support by sending email: E-mail address:
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