Samira Stalks
Samira Stalks is on a mission to inform, entertain, educate young listeners- at its best doing all three to inspire. It fearlessly champions the technology of tomorrow and explains the surprising ways we’ll get there. Samira Stalks is an interview podcast series, sharing firsthand stories from ‘reckless dreamers’ on startups, impact and innovation. Each week, the host Samira Sohail talks to change-makers from an eclectic mix of fields- tech, arts, sciences, education, digital, finance, retail. Aka young people doing cool s&&t! Think TED talks for young people with a cookier, quirkier set of characters. 30 episodes in- guests to date include: an abundance of $bn startup founders including Calm, Kano and Beeline as well as an astronaut on a 1-way ticket to Mars, VC investors, that girl who ran the marathon free-bleeding, the maverick commissioning BBC Comedy classics e.g. Ali G and Pixar's first female employee, their Director of Photography!
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