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SalahExplorer App is an app for Muslims around the world providing them with accurate and reliable prayer timings for their locations. No matter where you are SalahExplorer app ensures you are alerted with correct Salah timings for Fajr, Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib & Isha so that you can conveniently and accurately prepare for your prayer in time and earn Allah’s rewards. The SalahExplorer App has the following prayer timing features: 1. Ask SalahExplorer for prayer times in Chicago 2. Ask SalahExplorer for next prayer time in Chicago 3. Ask SalahExplorer for fajr end time in Chicago tomorrow 4. Say "HELP" to get assistance on using SalahExplorer App The above features are not all! SalahExplorer will continue to add more features to the existing ones and help Muslims keep an accurate track of their prayer timings, not only encouraging them to better their schedules but also to stay productive and spiritually satisfied. Disclaimer: SalahExplorer calculation method is MWL. We calculate prayer timings on the basis of longitude, latitude, earth elevation, and time zones. We receive this information from different Google APIs on the basis of the location provided by users in the SalahExplorer App. We provide prayer times for both Shafi and Hanafi Maslak.
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Ask Salah Explorer for next prayer time in Chicago
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