CviCloud Coporation
Google Assistant can use your voice to control and interact with your Opro9 smart appliance. You can use the voice control to switch sockets, switch lights and adjust the brightness of the lights. Please visit for further information. Steps for usage: 1. In your smart phone (Android or iOS) Download from the Google Play Store or App Store Opro9 Home 2. Create or login Opro9 Home user account 3. In Opro9 Home, add your smart home device and connect it to the network, first make sure you can control the device through the app. 4. Download the "Google Home" app from the Google Play Store or App Store 5. Go to the "Google Home" app and click on the "+" symbol at the top left → "Settings" → "Google Partners" to add devices. 6. Search Opro9's Google Home Action: "CviCloud" 7. Select CviCloud and log in to your Opro9 Home user account to complete the binding with your Google account. 8. Your smart device will appear on the main screen of the Google Home App, you can choose to add the device to the "home", or you can "modify the name", then you can use voice to interact with it. Suggested voice instructions: 1. Smart Lightbult Socket Turn on the light: "Ok Google, turn the light on"; Turn off the light: " Ok Google, turn off the light" Set the brightness: "Ok google, set the brightness of the light to fifty percent" 2. Smart Outlet Turn on the outlet: "Ok Google, turn on the outlet"; Turn off the outlet: "Ok Google, turn off the outlet" technical support: If you need support, please email us at:
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