Maya Companion
Harsh Kotwani
Greetings, to all students of Sardar Vallabhbhai Institute of Technology, Vasad. My name is Maya and I am here to assist you all with your daily questions. I know your college's general details to your specific time table, to locations of your college labs to seminal hall's, Maya is here to assist you for everything. Maya can guide you to your Principal office, Administration office, your Engineering Department. You can ask me for help using any of the following commands: 1) Invoke Me - " Ok Google, Talks to Maya Companion" 2) Ask for the upcoming lecture - "What is my next lecture ?" 3) Get Entire Day's Lecture Schedule - "List All Today's Lectures" 4) Get Tomorrow's Lecture Schedule - "List All Tomorrow's Lectures" 5) Get Specific Day Lectures - "[Day Name] Lecture Schedule" 6) Hear Daily Announcements - "Any announcements today?" 7) Location Of Staffroom - "Where can I find [Department Name] Staff room?"
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