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What do you get when you take SIX homeschool moms who have helped each other make it all the way to high school graduation, throw in relationships with a few hundred other local homeschoolers who have partnered with them in all sorts of community endeavors, and allow those ladies to share what they’ve learned with the rest of the homeschooling world via the internet? providing ebook curriculum, coaching, and encouragement for homeschooling all the way to high school graduation. After homeschooling side-by-side for over a decade, these moms had been a part of a flourishing umbrella school, a homeschool support network that operated effectively for 300+ families, college-model classes for high schoolers in a day-school format that achieved great popularity, and homeschooled graduates who stepped out as well-rounded, college-ready students and mature, workforce-ready men and women with trade skills. In early 2010, these “Sisters” began to seek the Lord about a way to take their blessings – no-busywork, ebook curriculum, homeschool community, support and resources – and share them with homeschoolers everywhere. That’s the story behind Only two of us are biological sisters (Allison and Sabrina), but all of us are sisters in Christ, and that call to be His body does not end with our little corner of the United States. It is our desire at to share curriculum, community, support and resources with every homeschool family everywhere! We’ve been so blessed on our homeschool journey thus far; how selfish would we be not to share it with the world? “But I don’t understand the “7 Sisters” name,” you may say. “When I count the sisters, I only get to 6…“ Allison, Sara, Marilyn, Sabrina, Vicki and Kym PLUS YOU equals 7! You're the 7th sister! You can find out more about 7SistersHomeschool Blog at Try the following commands : Engage the Action by saying: Hey Google, Talk to 7 Sisters Homeschool Blog Once the action is engaged, try the following commands: Play the latest episode Tell me about 7SistersHomeschool Blog **For information about this Google Action, visit or send an email to
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