Aquascape Smart Control
Aquascape Inc.
How Smart Is Your Backyard? The Aquascape Smart Control lets you control outdoor lighting, ponds, waterfalls, and fountains from anywhere at any time using your smartphone or tablet and Google Home. Outdoor living has never been easier! With the Aquascape and Google Home, you can now interact with your Aquascape color-changing lights, adjustable flow pumps, and smart control plugs. To get started, select the "Set up Device" button in the Google Home App to link your Aquascape account. Color-Changing Light Control: Offers possibilities to change or set colors with Aquascape color-changing lights. Say, "Google, set the Garden light to Orange" You can turn devices on/off, for example: “Google, turn on my Basalt Column’s lights” or “Google, turn off the Waterfall lights”. You can change the brightness, for example: "Google, brighten Pond Lights to 60%", or “Google, dim the Garden Light”. Adjustable Flow Pump Control: You can turn pump control on/off, for example: “Google, turn on my Waterfall pump” or “Google, turn off the Waterfall pump”. You can change the speed, for example: "Google, set Pond Pump Speed to 9". Smart Plug Control: You can control all three switches at once or one switch at a time on your Aquascape Smart Control Plug: "Google, turn on ", or “Google, turn off ”. Aquascape functionality is only compatible with the supported products. Check the Aquascape website to see the list of supported products. Examples: Set Aquascape Lights to Red, Turn off my Aquascape Pump, Set Aquascape Pump Speed to 4, Turn on my Basalt Columns.
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