Philippine Lotto
Lenuel Jan Camasis
This action will allow you give you 6 lucky numbers for the Philippine National Lottery. You can generate your lucky numbers for any of the five most popular game types (6/42, 6/45, 6/49, 6/55 and 6,58). To open the action you can say, "Hey Google, talk to Philippine Lotto". Once you're in the action, Just say or type "play" and then the game type for it to randomize your lucky number. For example, "play 6/42". You can also invoke the action directly by saying "ask Philippine Lotto to generate my lucky number for 6/42" (or any of the other available play types) You can learn about the action by saying or typing "help" and to learn about the developer, you can say or type "who made this".
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Ask Philippine Lotto to generate my lucky number for 6/55
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